Be a penguin.
Collect fish.
Slap your friends.

Penguin SLAP! is a last-penguin-standing card game for 2-4 players!

Each player assumes the role of a hungry penguin collecting fish. Slap your opponents to make them drop fish while trying to avoid getting slapped yourself!

The last penguin holding fish is the winner!

2 -4
Minutes per round

Be the penguin.

Pick a penguin to represent you. Your penguin gives you abilities.

Collect fish.

Fish cards come in four colors. They’re colored on both sides.

Build your hand.

Use equipment fish to build up your defenses and give you more play options. Augment your attacks, catch more fish, mess with your opponents. 

Slap your friends (with fish).

Slap your opponents to make them drop fish or steal from them to add fish to your hand. (No physical slapping necessary.)


If you get slapped, play a counter fish to slap back even harder. Just be careful; your opponent might counter back to you again.

Be the last penguin standing.

The last penguin holding fish is the winner. If you run out of fish before someone wins, you can draw back into the game.

So don’t be shy. Slap your opponents earlier on while you can still recover. Or build up your hand faster than they can.