Earth Penguin

A totally normal, regular, every-day, penguin. From earth.

Earth Penguin
Earth Penguin

"Normal" penguin abilities.

The elusive flying penguin.

There are those who say penguins can’t fly. Earth Penguin however, can catch fish from any open fishing hole at the start of its turn. And Earth Penguin is from Earth.


Earth Penguin has the strange ability to prevent others from stopping them during their turn. Some say this seems other worldly, but Earth Penguin claims they are just an everyday, normal penguin.

A clever disguise.

Earth penguin is proud of their clever disguise. They've got a bowtie (like Espionage Penguin), a party hat (like Fuzzy Penguin), little flippers and feet.

Earth Penguin blends right in with all the other penguins.... except for Conspiracy Penguin. Conspiracy Penguin thinks Earth Penguin is not from this world.


Do not worry. I am a normal pengbird. Ignore meeeee!

Earth Penguin

Resident , Tuxedo Island