Egg Penguin

This penguin prefers catching fish instead of slapping with them.

Egg Penguin
Egg - specialties

Born with a fishing rod.

Slap nearby fishing holes to catch fish.

Instead of slapping other players, Egg Penguin can slap fishing holes to catch fish. Egg Penguin will catch however many fish they slapped for.

Use "Steal" fish to Angel Fish.

Angel Fish cards let penguins sift through the discard pile to find a fish to add to their hand, but Angel fish are uncommon. Not so much for Egg Penguin, who can use “Steal” fish to do just that.

Since both of Egg Penguin’s abilities are focused on slaps and steals, players who choose Egg Penguin should aggressively catch red fish.

Emperor Penguins

Egg Penguin's art is based off of a baby emperor penguin. Newborn emperor penguins have a distinctive "mask" that runs down the middle of their face and around their beaks.

Egg penguin prefers to spend all of their time inside of their egg, which is something that real penguins don't do.



Egg Penguin

Resident , Tuxedo Island