Emperor Penguin

The self-proclaimed emperor of all penguins!

Emperor Penguin
Denied: Steal and NOPE

Behold, the Emperor!

Block NOPES!

On the Emperor’s turn, his opponents can’t play the NOPE card. It makes it that much harder to stop him from doing, well, what he wants to do.

Resist Steals!

When someone steals fish from the Emperor, he picks which fish get “stolen,” but instead of his attacker getting them he discards them instead! You can’t steal from the Emperor!

Little Blue Penguins

Our "Emperor Penguin" is not a "real" emperor penguin. He's a Little Blue Penguin. While emperor penguins are the tallest living penguins (38 in/122 cm), little blue penguins are the smallest (13 in/33 cm).


NOBODY tells ME what to do!

Emperor Penguin

Emperor of Penguins , Tuxedo Island