Espionage Penguin

Secret Agent Penguin.

Espionage Penguin

Hand over the fish and nobody gets hurt.

Master of "acquiring goods."

Thanks to secret-agent-level skill, Espionage Penguin’s opponents are unable to react when Espionage steals from them. They can’t even use a Knight Fish to block the steal, Espionage Penguin is just too fast.

Adelie Penguin

Espionage Penguin is loosely based off of the Adelie penguin. Adelies have mostly black faces, a white ring around their eyes, and feathers at the base of their bills.

Adult adelie penguins range from 18 to 28 inches in height, which makes Espionage Penguin slightly taller than our "Emperor" Penguin.


That fish is evidence, I need it.

Espionage Penguin

Department of Foreign Affairs , Tuxedo Island