One fish, two fish.

And a whole lot of other fish.

Fish Colors
Different Fish

4 Colors

Fish are organized into 4 colors.

  • Blue fish catch more fish.
  • Red fish attack.
  • Yellow fish react.
  • Green fish are equipped.

(There are a few sneaky exceptions though!)

Multiple fishing holes.

Each player has two fishing holes they can draw from. (Fishing holes are where you catch more fish.)

Since the fish cards are colored on both sides, you have some choice in the fish you catch.

You can also see what kinds of fish other players have.


When to play.

Fish tell you when they can be played in the upper left.

Lots to do.

Use “action” fish to attack or to catch more fish. “Reaction” fish let you react to attacks. “Equip” green fish to give you abilities. (I’ll let you guess when you can play “anytime” fish.)

Fish Cards - Examples

Lights, Camera, Action.

Each turn you can play one action fish. Red action fish attack, blue action fish let you catch more fish.

Slap like a penguin.

Pick one of your opponents and play a DOUBLE SLAP fish. That player will have to discard 2 fish from their hand.

Or, pick an opponent and play a STEAL fish. You get to choose any one of their fish to add to your hand. (You choose while seeing the backs of their fish cards of course.)

Slap and Steal fish

Give them the cold shoulder.

Ice Caps are special fish cards that can be used to cover fishing holes or equipped fish.

It’s a good way to mess with players without directly slapping them.

Redirect fish.

REDIRECT fish let you change the target of a SLAP or a STEAL.

If someone plays a STEAL on you, you can REDIRECT their steal to a different player. Not your problem anymore!

You can even use a REDIRECT to reverse a SLAP or STEAL. (Similar to how a COUNTER works, but without increasing the value.)

Counter and Redirect fish

Gear up.

Green fish are equipped in front of players to give them abilities.

Some green fish are used once and are discarded (like the Extra Bait) others stay in front of you permanently (like the Diver’s Helmet).

Be careful though, equipment fish can be stolen and covered with Ice Caps.

Be the last penguin standing.

The last penguin holding fish is the winner. If you run out of fish before someone wins, you can draw back into the game.

So don’t be shy. Slap your opponents earlier on while you can still recover. Or build up your hand faster than they can.

Earth Penguin