While other creatures dress up to blend in on Tuxedo Island, Pengin simply wears a sign.

Earth Penguin
Pengin - Specialties

A big-mouthed penguin.

Can hold up to 8 fish.

While other penguins are limited to a handsize of 7, Pengin can hold up to 8 fish total! (that’s the benefit of having a big mouth.)  That means if Pengin equips an “Old Boot” they can hold up to nine fish total! That’s a lot of fish!

Can "SLAP" with blue fish.

While blue fish are generally used to catch more fish, Pengin can use them to SLAP other players! When Pengin slaps with a blue fish, their opponent must discard as many fish as Pengin would have drawn. If Pengin slaps with a “Draw 3,” (which cannot be NOPE’d) the opponent cannot play a NOPE fish! Rough!


Real-world pelicans don't inhabit arctic or antarctic regions. So what is Pengin doing on Tuxedo Island? Taking advantage of less competition of course!

Us pengins need to stick together.


Resident , Tuxedo Island