Trenchcoat Penguin

This penguin has some grown-up fish business to do.

Trenchcoat Penguin
Unknown Fish

Fish are personal business.

Hide your hand from all other players.

Trenchcoat Penguin knows business, and knows what it means to be an adult. Kinda. Trenchcoat Penguin keeps all their fish hidden within their trenchcoat. If another player steals from them, Trenchcoat Penguin picks which fish to surrender.

Since the player with the fewest yellow fish goes first in Pengiun SLAP!, and Trenchcoat Penguin’s hand is secret, they cannot go first in a game.

Baby Penguins

Trenchcoat Penguin is made up of three smaller penguins balancing on each other inside a trecnhcoat.

In the real world, newborn penguins lack the coordination to balance on each others' heads and wear trenchcoats.


I would like one grown up sized fish please. You’re crushing my head. Ow, that’s my eye. 

Trenchcoat Penguin

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